121 Essential Machine Learning 
Questions & Answers
121 Essential Machine Learning Questions & Answers
Tough ML Questions from Startups, Tech Giants, and Fortune 500 Corporations
Have an interview coming up?
You can feel 100% confident that you'll ace it. If you can answer these questions, you'll easily outshine your competitors. Complete answer key included....

Currently studying machine learning?
You can reverse-engineer the perfect study plan using the exact concepts tested at top tech firms. There's no better way to honestly evaluate your progress...

Hiring a data scientist or machine learning engineer?
You can separate the legit from the wannabes. These proven questions can help you filter the best talent...
Topics Included:
The Big Picture
18 Questions & Answers
10 Questions & Answers
Data Preprocessing
16 Questions & Answers
Sampling & Splitting
11 Questions & Answers
Supervised Models
20 Questions & Answers
Unsupervised Models
10 Questions & Answers
Model Evaluation
16 Questions & Answers
Ensemble Learning
11 Questions & Answers
Business Applications
9 Questions & Answers
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